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2009-04-17 20:10:02 by Vitty

Meh, Shoulda realied that i should started learning AS alot earlier but i guess gotta learn on your own mistakes, pretty much complete noob at AS and trying to learn since i need it for uni. If anyone can help please do :) Would be greatly appritiated xD


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2009-04-17 20:39:35

I learn from my mistakes all the time at the time it seems bad but then yoiu learn from them.

commentmy news I'll give you a link if you need one.


2009-05-13 11:19:20

could you loan me a dollar?


2009-05-21 22:19:46

I helped flyingmonkey a bit. Maybe I can help you a bit as well.

Vitty responds:

Yer that would be awesome! but like i says im a complete 0 at AS!


2009-07-28 12:36:23

i can help