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New thing

2010-05-21 17:02:21 by Vitty

Well I think I had enough time off so decided to give another one a go and see how it works.. will post some ics later :)

Male comfort

2010-01-18 16:07:50 by Vitty

what the :s

Male Comfort

2009-10-30 10:27:34 by Vitty

So after the summer of getting completely senseless in night clubs im back at uni and working on my new animation which ill be posting on newgrounds, Currently having Vcam problems =/ which ill sort out shorty... hopefully! Will probably post images in a lil while!


2009-04-17 20:10:02 by Vitty

Meh, Shoulda realied that i should started learning AS alot earlier but i guess gotta learn on your own mistakes, pretty much complete noob at AS and trying to learn since i need it for uni. If anyone can help please do :) Would be greatly appritiated xD